Lease Financing

We offer an on-site leasing solution for your commercial vehicle lease financing needs 100% deductible on terms up to 72 months. On new and even used trucks that meet our criteria.

It is now possible to build a commercial credit history at an affordable rate! We don't ask for taxes to be paid in advance like some other companies. Discover all the advantages of this simple type of financing for your business.



Preserves capital

  • Preserves cash flow
  • Preserves working capital and bank lines of credit
  • Allows you to buy what appreciates - lease what depreciates

Tax advantages

  • Potential tax reduction
  • No prepayment of taxes

Fixed costs

  • 100% term financing
  • Fixed payments during the term of the lease

Eases budgeting

  • Fixed payment makes budgeting easier
  • Operating budget versus capital expenditures
  • Balances revenues and expenses

Flexibility & simplicity

  • Payments can be tailored to liquidity
  • Terms: monthly, quarterly, annual, seasonal and more
  • Simple and convenient process

Value-in-use concept

  • You benefit from the use of the equipment, not the ownership
  • Repayment based on earnings

Avoid obsolescence

  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology